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Enfield Council

"The free consultancy support provided by the REFIT Programme Delivery Unit, combined with the benefits of an existing Supply Framework, have meant that the London Borough of Enfield has been able to accelerate its invest to save activities. Under the Enfield 2020 Sustainability Programme, in April 2013 the council committed a £1.7 million investment in energy conservation measures in 3 corporate buildings and 11 schools. In less than 18 months, REFIT Phase 1 has gone from project conception to the start of a 10 month installation programme."

Jeff Laidler, Head of Sustainability, London Borough of Enfield

ProjectRetrofit 3 corporate buildings and 11 schools
Savings: 21% guaranteed energy savings per annum 1,700 tonnes of CO2 per annum to be saved
Value: £1.7m capital investment 7 year payback period
Timescale: Works commenced on site July 2013


Enfield Council has developed an ambitious Sustainability Programme and Action Plan, Enfield 2020, with a ‘2020 Vision’ to significantly improve the sustainability of the Borough of Enfield and Enfield Council by 2020 and deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits for all of Enfield’s stakeholders. Within this vision are eight themes, which include saving energy in buildings and climate change mitigation, for which the RE:FIT programme forms an important contributor.

Project Details

The initial phase of Enfield Council’s RE:FIT project encompasses 3 corporate buildings and 11 schools.

Following a mini-competition within the RE:FIT Framework Energy Service Companies (ESCos), Johnson Controls Global Energy Solutions were appointed as preferred supplier in December 2012. The ESCo has now developed an Investment Grade Proposal (IGP) for each building which fully identifies the energy savings that can be achieved and the specific measures that will be installed.

The installation of the energy conservation measures started in July 2013 and is forecast to be completed by March 2014.

Project Data

Enfield Council will save 21% of its annual energy consumption through RE:FIT on the technologies employed. Based on today's energy prices this will save £240,000 per year with a payback of just 7 years.

Energy Conservation Measures

Listed below are some of the planned energy conservation measures that will be applied across the buildings in Enfield’s RE:FIT project:

  • Boiler replacement
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Photovoltaics
  • Upgrades to air handling units and variable speed drives
  • Low energy lighting and controls
  • Chiller replacement

Next Steps

Coordinated by Enfield Council’s Sustainability Service, the council is also planning further phases to its RE:FIT project:

1. There is the intention to include the Civic Centre boiler replacement as an additional phase. The Civic Centre boilers are currently on their planned maintenance capital replacement programme.

2. Enfield Council is planning to use RE:FIT to improve the energy performance of additional buildings.

3. Enfield is already using the RE:FIT Schools Programme to deliver energy savings in two more schools.

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